Horace Bridgewright





Post Session 1

Over the two months of guarding Gryms Wall [time between sessions], Horace meets with Father Vin every Alms Day, and when time otherwise allows. Father Vin, though somewhat distant, sees great potential and a caring nature in Horace, and offers to teach him the ways of divine magic. Though Horace refuses the path of Ethos, the cleric continues to meet with the monk and instructs him in other ways, including the creation of healing potions, as well as the “angel tongue” – Celestial. Father Vin stresses that magic is to be kept a carefully guarded secret. He suspects Pharras Draco, the drunk Akkasian frequenting the Borough Inn, is some type of sorcerer and should be avoided.

Father Vin is available for additional questions you may have.

Horace can add Celestial as a known language.

Horace can craft a potion of healing (per the PHB [heals 2d4+2]) every five days as a downtime activity provided he makes a successful DC 10 Intelligence (Herbalism) check to collect the necessary materials. If in a non-forested or non-swamp environment, such as underground or a desert, the check DC increases to 20. In consideration of guard work requirements, the time to create a single potion is increased to every ten days. Horace can stock/maintain a total inventory of 10 potions of healing at a time.

[DM Consideration(s): The PHB (p. 187) details crafting as a downtime activity, in which one spends eight hours a day, for nonmagical objects, making progress every day at 5 gp-increments. The DMG has a similar rule for crafting magic items, making progress every day at 25 gp-increments but requires the crafter be capable of casting relevant spells. The rule listed above is a compromise for Horace, who cannot cast spells, to create a singular magic item (potion of healing valued at 50 gp in the PHB) based on his knowledge of herbs and instruction provided by Father Vin.]

Horace Bridgewright

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