Mhyyros Session 1 Summary

To the wall

Mhyyros Campaign
Session Summary
Session 1
Year: 1048KR March
Day 0
Graduate training, assigned to Cord Falcon, CO Wen Luther
Stationed at Gryms Wall, depart Avanthas tomorrow
Meet NPC’s:
Gan Darrus, Stack Leader
Par Lucas, friend/soldier
Par Len, soldier/deserter
Shepard Biddle, dislike
Gan Darrus orders the stick to retrieve deserters; we accomplish the mission.
Par Len is later hanged.
Day 1
Travel to Gryms wall
Caravan rear guard
Encounter Mills and Avril Finch; rescue from black bear
Discover body of Akkasian agent and a note to spy at Grymsborough, Borough Inn. [see Handout]
Ambushed by gnolls that night
Day 2 – 3
No events
Day 4 – 5
Arrive at Grymsborough
Meet NPC’s:
Grindul Foss, Grindul Mercantile
Unfriendly encounter
Elmar Tobin, Borough Inn
Pharrus Draco, an Akkasian
Take a room at the inn to decide what to do about the spy and note.
Meet with Darrus and move on to camp south of the village, forming up to travel to Grym’s Wall

Day 5 – 6
Darrus orders us to apologize to Garn Therrin for the encounter with Grindul Foss, an acquaintance of his.
Garn Therrin is indifferent, and approves mission to uncover spy in town.
Wife Meredith is friendly
Meet Terrance the tanner; make deal to purchase bear hide
Hear rumor about bodies being stolen from cemetery
Day 7
Alm’s Day
We discover that the Akkasian spy is Elmar Tobin, innkeeper.
Discover another note in pigeon coop. [see Handout]
Interrogate Elmar [see Mhyrros Session Notes for details]
Day 8
Meet Kild Vanger, lead engineer
Assigned to Bog Duty
Attacked by blackened tree monster.
Day 9
Bog Duty
Attacked by frogmen and giant frogs.
Day 10 – 11
Return to top of Wall.
Kild Vanger asks to meet him at strange symbol on wall.
We find his body there that night
A ghost appears from the symbol, and we flee.
Travel to Grymsborough to talk to Friar Vinn at temple of Ethos.
Symbol is Makul, Lord of 5th Level of Hell
Ghost must be laid to rest
Travel back to Wall
We descend stairs found under symbol
Large chamber with skeletal remains along walls.
Door at the end of the hall; we cannot open.
Attacked by skeletal hands, and we flee.
Darrus closes off the section of Wall
End of Session



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